Thursday, May 7, 2009

Southwest Wind Power Breeze | Wind Turbine Generator

Get use to the term " Small Wind". This refers to wind generators that everyday people can use at home. Small wind turbines are electric generators that utilize wind energy to produce clean, emissions free power for individual homes small business's and farms
Create energy from home and sell it back to the power company. The United States need to move away from foreign oil. Coal will never be clean enough for most. Protecting the environment.
Small wind electric systems can deliver serious energy. This is just one lesson people are learning all around the world. From remote homes and cabins to rural communications towers and monitoring stations, people are using small wind system to generate inexpensive energy, right where it's needed. And for a great many of these people, the system of choice is Southwest Windpower's Air generator.

Today, Air Breeze, the new generation of the world's best-selling small wind generator, powers countless lights, radios, computers, tools and appliances. It is also used widely to complement solar PV systems. Air Breeze is a perfect choice for hybrid wind/solar systems that provide you with the most reliable year-round energy supply

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